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Have you ever dreamed of becoming an author? Do you love reading erotica and thought to yourself: I could write this. Well, you can and you should! I was once like you. I read smut non-stop [actually, I still do] and some of it was good and some of it wasn’t so good. I went back and studied countless authors to figure out what made for amazing, mind-blowing erotica and what ended up falling flat. The good news is there is a formula on how to make this work and I’m going to teach you.

Erotica Author 101

The entire 101 Series is FREE! These contain quick one-pagers of concise and up to date information on where to go for what, who’s who in the erotica industry and how to find them.

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Erotica Author 201

The 201 Series is a complete set of Self-Paced Online Courses. Teach yourself how to go from idea to outline to your first rough draft and finally to a polished manuscript ready for publication.

How To Write Short Stories

Erotica Author 301

The 301 Series is a complete set of How-To Guidelines on tropes within Taboo Erotica. Have you ever wondered what makes a good Fertility Story vs a gender swapping story? Each subgenre within Taboo Erotica has its own set of rules. Follow them and create an awesome story people will want to read.

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